The Rags to Riches Story of Fernando Kuehnel (From a Wooden Cart to a Porsche)

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Read Full and Original Article From ABS-CBN News

There are news about an infant abandoned in a trash bin or street every so often. In a way, their abandonment is less painful because at least they never knew their parents. But imagine, being left in the streets, along with your siblings, at the age of six. The hurt, the betrayal and the fear would definitely be doubled as at this age, the child already understands and comprehends. Unfortunately, this was how Fernando Kuehnel’s story began.

“First, at age 6, his biological parents left him and his two brothers on the streets of Project 8, Quezon City for reasons unknown to Fernando until this day.”

Until now, Fernando doesn’t know why his biological parents abandoned him and his brothers during their young ages. The brothers were then relocated to two orphanages thereafter. Their life was a struggle, not just because of the abandonment, but also because they were bullied in their second orphanage. That’s when Fernando decided to leave the orphanage. He survived by pushing a wooden cart and relying on food left on garbages. He did this for three years before a flicker of hope came his way.

“At 10, he escaped from the orphanage, pushed a kariton and ate trash food to survive the streets of Manila only to come back to the orphanage at 13 when he found out that his brothers had a one-way ticket out of poverty and into America.”

But flicker of hope this doesn’t end the story yet. He returned to the orphanage, upon hearing the news that his brothers are about to be adopted and brought to America. Their second parents did not turn out as they hoped they would be. For the third time, they were brought back to an orphanage in America. When does this rags to riches story get to the latter part? Read on and find out.

“Then, the Kuehnels came, adopted them, treated them like their own, and put the boys to public school.”

It was when the Kuehnels adopted them that the boys finally have a home and family to call their own. They were treated by the couple as their own children. They were even sent to school. Fernando graduated from the Carroll University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science. He got his Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management from the Jones International University. He further continued his studies in the American Sentinel University as a Doctor of Nursing Practice. Fernando has also worked for pharmaceutical giant, Novartis.

“You have to determine what success is to you. It doesn’t have to be millions of dollars. I tell my kids, there’s no problems that can’t be solved. You just won’t like the solution, but the problem can be solved. The takeaway is, you do have to work hard.”

Fernando’s story is definitely that of a rags to riches one. Unlike fairytales though, he didn’t had the help of a magical grandmother or fairy to help him achieve success. He had to go through a lot of hardships, but through it all, he didn’t give up. The best lesson from his story is that if you want to attain your dreams, you need to work for it. Just the experience of going through different parents would be enough to shatter one’s life and dreams. Yet Fernando didn’t give up at all and persevered even after he had found a couple who loved him and his brothers as their own.

Now, Fernando Kuehnel has a family of his own. He is definitely living the American dream. Fernando KuehnelHe has a career he can be proud of, a loving family to nurture and he has achieved what most people can just dream of. Aside from his hobbies of playing remote-controlled airplanes, jet skiing and driving his Porsche, he allots some of his time and money to charitable activities. In fact, he manages K-Charity, a charitable organization which helps orphaned children in the Philippines. The proceeds from his memoir/book, My Third Parents, all go to this charity.

Fernando Kuehnel’s story fits that old adage that says, “If you fall, get back up. That’s what life is all about.” But here’s the thing, life is full of surprises, both positive and negative. If you find yourself falling more than once, then just get back up more than once as well. Do not let hardships take the best of you. Let these hardships shape you into a stronger and wiser person. And for all our Filipino overseas workers out there, let Fernando’s story be your inspiration.

Read Full and Original Article From ABS-CBN News

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